We understand that churches and congregations operate under strict budgets, with different financial needs than the average client. HSB custom designed metal church buildings offer amazing customizations, all while keeping building and construction costs affordable.

HSB can design and engineer your church building with a variety of room options. From classrooms with a youth center, administrative offices, conference rooms, choir and music rooms, even kitchens.

HSB buildings are not only affordable and built to the highest standard in the industry and offer many options.
The exterior can be finished with numerous materials available, making your HSB metal building virtually undetected as a metal building.

You are probably wondering how much a HSB steel building costs. HSB buildings are designed to save you time and in money in the ease of erection, far less time than that of brick, wood, or stone.

HSB gives you quality in finishes that offer a 30 year warranty, meaning lower maintenance costs over the long term.