Sales Tactics

Unlike the competition, we don’t have a warehouse full of “building kits” that some body ordered and did not take delivery of. Truth is people, when you place an order for a building that starts the process of final engineering, a cut list is created and the building is put into production. Every wall girt, roof purlin, rafter beam, and column is manufactured specifically for the building designed, even down to the buildings roofing and wall sheeting.

In the end when your building arrives, it was designed for each piece to fit together with out having to be cut with a torch, drilled or welded. The key to making your building go together without a hitch is “quality concrete work”, I cannot stress enough on the importance of exact anchor bolt placement, these are key to the column placement.

If you take the time to get the foundation right from the start, the building will go up with ease and give you years of uncompromised service, which is the reason you turned to a metal building in the first place…..longevity over wood.

TIP: Before you grab the phone and call the manufacturer for “missing or shortages on parts”, take a few minutes and review the plans to make sure you did not over look any details of part numbers and placement. It is common for an erector to place a bolt in evry hole and then end up being short bolts, when the plan details only may show 2 bolts and not 4 bolts, thus a shortage.

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