Can a Steel Building be insulated after it’s put up?

Yes! You can either insulate the building when it’s erected or after the fact, however it’s much more economical to apply the insulation when putting the building up. By installing the insulation during the installation process, the insulation will have a better fit and seal to guard against air draft.

Can the interior of a Steel Building be built out?

Yes, you can configure the interior of the building much like any other building. Examples include offices, storage, and other configurations. The options are limitless.

Can I put stucco on the exterior of a Steel Building?

Yes. There are many buildings that are stucco or brick faced giving you almost limitless possibilities for the exterior look. Check out our photo gallery for examples of what you can do.

Why do I need engineered foundation drawings?

Engineered foundation drawings provide all the reactions and load distribution to withstand the pressures exerted on the on the building from conditions such as wind and snow.

Why should I use a professional installer?

By using a professional installer you are using someone who is familar with every facet of the building. Our installers have proven experience with the products we offer, ensuring your product is built to the exact specifications of the manufacturer and all warranty requirements are met.

How many doors and windows can I put on the building?

It depends on the end use of the building. Doors and windows can be placed much like standard buildings. Speak with a member of our design team to discuss your specific needs.

Can I build a multi-story building?

Yes. There are several factors to consider, so make sure you discuss in detail with our design team.

What are the color options and are they durable?

There are numerous color options as well as different finishes available, with warranties from 25 to 50 years, making your steel building as unique and longer lasting as any other finish.

What is the difference between Overhead and Roll-up doors?

An overhead door is a sectional door as commonly used in the garage in your home. This style of door seals better and can be insulated. A roll-up door is a door that rolls into itself like a coil, and is most commonly used in warehouse applications and does not seal as tight as a sectional door.

I have a price for a metal building from a contractor that is a home builder, is their price competitive?

Odds are, no. Many contractors specialize in one arena of expertise, if they specialize in concrete how are they qualified in metal buildings? Some will say they have built a couple, but won’t use engineered foundations, giving the consumer a foundation that is designed specifically to meet the building loads, which in the short run might save some money, until the foundation fails!
HSB only uses engineered foundation plans that are designed in accordance to the buildings load calculations and current IBC codes.